When To Retain An Auto Injury Lawyer

If you are ever in a automobile accident and are injured through no fault of your own, the best thing that you can do is to retain an auto injury lawyer, or see to it that a member of your family does so, if you are unable.

The reason for this action is that as soon as the accident is over, everyone who is involved in any way is involved in a legal situation. The lawyer you hire will most likely work on a contingency basis which simply means that there will be no charge to you at all, and he or she will receive their compensation only if they win the case, in which their compensation will come from the proceeds that are awarded.

It is quite possible that there will be a number of issues that if not resolved properly, could affect how you live the rest of your life. You may have been injured in the accident, and because of that fact, you may run up quite a hospital and doctor’s bill before you are deemed to be well.

You will certainly have to either get a new vehicle, or repair the one that you were driving during the accident. You may have lost wages because you were unable to work while you recovered from your injuries, and you may have physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses to deal with as well.

Having an accomplished accident attorney available to handle these affairs can be a great emotional relief, because you are not trained nor will you or your family have the temperament to deal with an impassionate insurance company. It will be the individual’s insurance company who caused the accident with whom your attorney will have to deal, and deal he will.

Your attorney will start out right off the bat by addressing that insurance company by putting them on notice that they will be scrutinized and implored to pay their just due to your client for all of the charges, bills, expenses and fees that have been assessed to him and his family because of what occurred propagated by their client.

Then, your auto injury lawyer will set out to prove your case by processing the information and proof that can be gleaned from public records, police reports, eye witness testimonies, and municipal records. By the time your lawyer is finished, the insurance company will either pay up the amount that your lawyer is asking, or he will go to court and get your money there.